La Roca de
la Sierra
Special Area of Conservation 


Visit to the natural environmental of La Roca de la Sierra, which has a variety of ecosystems. Wetlands, pseudo-steppe areas and dehesa are a diverse landscape with a large diversity of bird species in different times of the year.


In addition, in a feeder for carrion birds you will see species such as black vulture, griffon vulture, egyptian vulture, black kite, red kite, etc.; even, with some luck, the spanish imperial eagle.

DURATION: 4,5 hours.


1 pax: 110 €

                2 pax: 140 € (70 € p/p)

                3 pax: 165 € (55 € p/p)

                4 pax: 180 € (45 € p/p)

                5 pax: 200 € (40 € p/p)

                6 pax: 210 € (35 € p/p)

EXCLUSIVE SERVICE: Don't share vehicle with other people, personalized service.

RECOMMENDED TIME: End of summer, autumn, winter and spring.

INCLUDE: Transport in 4x4, capacity for 6 clients, nature guides, binoculars for each one and telescope; and civil liability insurance.


Resident species

Black-shouldered kite, western marsh harrier, common buzzard, penduline tit, euroasian spoonbill, little bustard, stone curlew, little owl, rock sparrow, spanish sparrow.

Winter species

Common crane, greylag goose, euroasian wigeon, northern pintail, common teal, common shelduck, hen harrier, short-eared owl, osprey, peregrine falcon, merlin.

Summer species

Gull-billed tern, collared pratincole, little tern, european bee-eater, black kite, booted eagle, montagu's harrier, european turtle dove, red-necked nightjar, glossy ibis. 

Migrant species

Turnstone, curlew sandpiper, temminck's stint, wood sandpiper, black tern, greater flamingo, audouin's gull, yellow wagtail, whinchat, northern wheatear, pied flycatcher, spotted flycatcher, etc.