Orchids are one of the youngest botanical families and one of the ones with the largest number of species, distributed throughtou the world. This means that new species are constantly being discovered. Its particular and spectacular beauty is a great attraction for nature lovers. In this route we will visit, near Mérida, well-preserved hillsides and with an important population of orchid species, both in variety and quality. Among them we find barlia robertiana, ophrys fusca, ophrys tenthredinifera, orchis papilonacea, orchis conica or orchis champagneuxii among others.

DURATION: 4 hours.


1 pax: 100 €

                2 pax: 130 € (65 € p/p)

                3 pax: 165 € (55 € p/p)

                4 pax: 180 € (45 € p/p)

                5 pax: 200 € (40 € p/p)

                6 pax: 210 € (35 € p/p)

EXCLUSIVE SERVICE: Don't share vehicle with other people, personalized service.

RECOMMENDED TIME: End of summer, autumn, winter and spring.

INCLUDE: Transport in 4x4, capacity for 6 clients, nature guides, binoculars for each one and telescope; and civil liability insurance.