The belowing
of the deer

The first rains after summer awaken the reproductive instinct of deer. The bellowing begins, adult males emit characteristic guttural sounds with the intention of attracting females and to demonstrate their strength and superiority with respect to other males. They look for clear areas of mountain or tranquil dehesas to meet in numerous groups and begin the frenetic activity of the zeal. Large males usually fight with their horns, in an unbloody ritual. The best moments of the day to enjoy the bellowing is the sunrise and sunset. The 4x4 route can be performed in NP of Monfragüe of Sierra de San Pedro, according to the customer's choice. ​In addition, we will be able to watch different birds such as Spanish imperial eagle, golden eagle, bonelli's eagle, black vulture, griffon vulture, black stork, azure-winged magpie, etc.

DURATION: 4,5 hours.


1 pax: 130 €

                2 pax: 160 € (80 € p/p)

                3 pax: 180 € (60 € p/p)

                4 pax: 200 € (50 € p/p)

                5 pax: 225 € (45 € p/p)

                6 pax: 240 € (40 € p/p)

EXCLUSIVE SERVICE: Don't share vehicle with other people, personalized service.

RECOMMENDED TIME: End of summer, autumn, winter and spring.

INCLUDE: Transport in 4x4, capacity for 6 clients, nature guides, binoculars for each one and telescope; and civil liability insurance.