Wintering of
the crane


At the beginning of each autumn, thousands of common cranes arrive in Extremadura from northern Europe in search of that scarce in winter in their breeding grounds. They are concentrated in large groups in dehesas, crops, cereal fields and wetlands, giving a visual and sound spectacle with their trumpeting. In our route, we will visit the best places where they feed. In the dehesas they mix with the Iberian pigs in search of the acorns and in the crops they feed on the remains of seeds that have fallen after the harvests. At sunset, one of the greatest natural spectacles winter occurs when thousands of common cranes return to sleep in the wetlands.​ Also in the path, you can observe a wide variety of other bird species spend the winter in the same areas.

DURATION: 4 hours.


1 pax: 100 €

                2 pax: 130 € (65 € p/p)

                3 pax: 165 € (55 € p/p)

                4 pax: 180 € (45 € p/p)

                5 pax: 200 € (40 € p/p)

                6 pax: 210 € (35 € p/p)

EXCLUSIVE SERVICE: Don't share vehicle with other people, personalized service.

RECOMMENDED TIME: End of summer, autumn, winter and spring.

INCLUDE: Transport in 4x4, capacity for 6 clients, nature guides, binoculars for each one and telescope; and civil liability insurance.